Human Decency, An Oxymoron For A Moron

A friend got me started this morning. I had just finished meditating; just travelled back into this world from the silent calm one within. No, my peace shall not be disturbed so quickly. The serenity and stillness gained shall not be wasted so soon, especially over a moronic demon. But, for my Canadian friend, it is approaching night time there. He has had a long day, he is ready to take on the morons in this world. There have been a couple of videos being shared, showing animal cruelty perpetrated by a woman. Apparently, she derives pleasure from exacting pain on helpless puppies. The second video is accompanied by a still image of her slender legs on high heels, her right one squashing a flattened puppy. Someone should banish her and her high heels to the freezing cold high hills of Gondor. Where is the human decency? My friend asks. Human decency, is that not an oxymoron? Pure evil, he described the moron. Pure evil? That too is an oxymoron. What is evil cannot be pure. In Victorian days, a virgin is considered pure. Untouched, untainted, innocent. Today, there are not many good things in this world that can be considered pure, apart from gold (maybe), virgin coconut oil and virgin olive oil. Whereas, evil is everywhere, right through earth’s history, i.e. including human history. We can trace evil in humans through our evolution, from primates and perhaps even beyond, to simpler organisms. It is easy to conclude that evil delivers benefits and advantages for our survival. It is the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest. More apt to say survival of the evil? Evil survives, because the good die young. Did we inherit our malevolence from our ancestors? I shudder at the thought that such evil traits could have been given to us by our Maker. It is one thing to devour another animal for sustenance, but to cause intentional suffering, or destruction to another? Very few other living things have exhibited genocidal tendencies on a massive scale like our species. Recent monsters such as Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin come to mind, our history is littered with many more. Animal cruelty rarely refers to animals’ cruelty to other animals. Sure, the local fox did kill three of my egg-laying hens, ripped off Dolly’s neck even, all for fun. Their carcasses were intact except for Dolly’s head, so I knew the fox did not kill for food, just for pleasure. I saw a feral cat torturing a colourful Rainbow Lorikeet with little intention of eating it, but I was too slow to save the bird, the sadistic cat simply scooted away with it. Big apes and dolphins have been diagnosed in some studies as psychopaths, killing other females’ young so that the females become available to reproduce. If you fancy a female to bear your child, what can be more chilling than to hear that her price is to have you as her meal during or after copulation? Black widows, praying mantis and redback spiders are notoriously evil for that. The mantis will enjoy the succulent head of her mate, during their reproductive act. The smaller redback male will somersault and place its abdomen within easy reach for the female to eat him alive during copulation. This cannot be defined as the ultimate kinky sex, right? Is this not a more chilling scene than the brain dinner in The Silence of the Lambs? An example to illustrate nature’s selfish gene can be seen in the innate behaviour of cuckoo chicks. Their parents are devious, they are too lazy to build their own nests but instead time their hatching after observing other birds’ behaviour. Cuckoo’s eggs need to hatch before the host’s eggs so that the young cuckoos gain an advantage over the other chicks. The more developed cuckoo chicks somehow know to push the new hatchlings out of their nests to their deaths. Baby murderers know to kill off potential competition. Who has not watched episodes of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth or Our Planet, where chimpanzees go on a rampage and form “hit squads” to rape and kill a few of their own. Those are just brutal gangs, not really capable of mass exterminations. There is also the Red-bellied Piranha, an indiscriminate school of killer fish which will devour their unfortunate victim. In a feeding frenzy lasting just a few minutes, they leave little trace of a body. Vicious but not evil. Some female monkeys even sneak out to mate with weaker males, as if having the alpha male as mate does not offer enough protection and food, or secure better qualities for her progeny. She is just being sly, or extra careful in case some disaster befell her hero. But, cunning isn’t evil, right? All these traits, be they cunning, destructive, murderous, deceptive, distasteful, sadistic, or evil, are observed in the wild, in nature. The reason is clear, such traits are necessary for the survival of the genes, and the advancement of the species. It is only humans who attempt to hide the truth by telling the alternative story, that we are made in the likeness of our Maker, kind, benevolent and just. Evil is a common trait for winners, this is my conclusion about the Law of Nature. No matter how we distort the truth by cocooning the ugliness of nature with righteous and holy stories or fairytales, we cannot paint evil as against the natural order of life. We cannot hide evil, it will not be suppressed. Evil not merely exists in nature but is very much a vital attribute for survival of the species. Sapiens evolved some 200,000 years ago. We belong to the genus Homo, the oldest is thought to be Homo Erectus which appeared almost two million years ago. We have been evil for a long time. Urghhlings.



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