The Apostate’s State Visit

As Michael Cohen “the fixer” began his 3 year prison term, his former boss was enjoying himself, awarding a Presidential Medal of Freedom to the golfer, Tiger Woods. The fates between the ex boss and fixer can’t be more contrasting. Former federal prosecutors, over 650 of them,  last week signed an online letter to voice their legal opinion that if Donald Trump isn’t sitting in the Oval Office, he would be facing a charge for obstruction of justice and campaign finance violations. It is wrong that the Office of Legal Counsel policy can allow someone to be above the law. Why should he be protected by his position when the position is being abused and tarnished by him? Trump doesn’t respect the lofty standards of the presidency. He doesn’t conform to normal diplomatic behaviour. Neither does he conform to prevailing views about mutual economic prosperity and climate change, nor does he understand the importance of ” the international institutions” built by Britain, and the US with other allies after the huge sacrifices of WW2, a dig by the Queen at his foolishness to weaken the UN and NATO.

Trump should be the statesman with pomp and diplomacy. Instead, even before he left his shores to visit the UK, he calls a daughter-in-law of his host nasty. Although recorded on tape, he continues to deny it and accuses the media of “fake news” instead! And even before he landed in the UK, his unstatesmanlike attack on the mayor of London, calling Sadiq Khan a “stone cold loser” attracted the headlines “Tea and Antipathy”. Is this proper behaviour of an American President who is an invited guest of a nation? No! He is a rude urghhling with bad manners, divisive, uncouth and unpopular. He abuses his position as POTUS, undeserving to be accorded a state visit. In contrast to the State banquet he enjoyed last night, it is reported that 250,000 will descend on central London to protest against him, a “Pomp and Protest” headline is appropriate indeed. He unceremoniously cancelled his one-on-one meeting with the British PM, Theresa May, and refused to shake hands with her at a group meeting. Why then the red carpet and two 41-gun salute for him?! The authorities surely are out of touch to show him such respect and courtesy when he has been disrespectful and scornful to both his hosts and his position as President of the United States. I understand that they aren’t necessarily showing him the respect but giving POTUS the deserved respect and decorum. At least the people of Great Britain did not refrain from expressing their brutal honesty and told him what they thought of him. Not much as it turns out. There is an image projected on the Tower of London that shows Obama with UK approval rating of 72% contrasting that of Trump’s on 21%. Trump thinks he is a polymath, and so the Queen gave him a book, knowing full well he doesn’t read and therefore spelling isn’t one of his strengths. Please will someone calm him down? Tsar Peter the Great couldn’t spell either, and he became a great leader. Is there hope Trump too will turn out to be great? Was the mythical Monkey King first and foremost a king or monkey?

Trump praised the “tremendous crowds of well-wishers” that lined the streets of London, adding that he hadn’t seen any protests yet. Photos will show that it was true there were thousands of people who turned up, but they weren’t there to wish him well! They held placards that said “The Queen loathes you! We all do”. Many were there to voice their opposition to Trump and his stance on climate change, women’s rights and immigration.

They should be there also to oppose him on what he has destroyed so far.

1. Exited the Paris climate accord: “disaster for this country”

2. Dismantled the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia. US allies in Europe and Asia all criticised the decision.

3. Exited The Trans Pacific Partnership: “very bad deal for the US”

4. Dismantled the North American Free Trade Deal “worst trade deal ever made”

5. Exited the US Korea Free Trade Deal: “unacceptable horrible deal”

6. Exited the Iran nuclear accord: “a disaster”, “horrible one sided deal”, so terrible that could lead to “a nuclear holocaust”.

7. Started a costly Trade War with China “longtime abuse of the broken international system and unfair practices” and Mexico. “Look, millions of people are flowing through Mexico. That’s unacceptable”

8. Threatened to start a trade war with India.

9. Added Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam to US Currency Watchlist. Countries with a current-account surplus with the U.S. equivalent to 2% of gross-domestic product are now labeled as currency manipulators.

10. Traded insults with Kim Jong Un and threatened North Korea with nuclear annihilation.

He has described the WTO as “unfair to the US” and NATO as “not fair to the people and taxpayers of the US”

What is fake about this urghhling isn’t so much the news about him. He’s a fake leader of the “free world”. The US have from his actions relinquished their role as leader. He claims to make the US great again, but instead, he has made the US grate on the whole world. I guess spelling isn’t one of his strengths, and he confuses polyamory with polymath.

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