The 22nd Woman And The Untouchable

Donald Trump, he’s the untouchable. He’s so brazen he even trumpeted that he would not be arrested if he shot someone dead in the streets of America. How does one rise to become the untouchable? What skill sets does he have that sets him apart? That he thinks he can kill with impunity? Donald has been accused of sexual misconduct by a woman, no, by twenty two victims, yet he treats them like droplets of water off a duck’s back. Of those accused of multiple sexual misconduct, he alone remains unscathed in this #MeToo age. Nancy Pelosi, armed with the damning Mueller report that’s too thick for most to read, will not move against the untouchable. Apart from Saudi Arabia and Israel, no other nation has thrown confetti at his feet, but neither has The Untouchable thrown himself at anyone’s feet. He tore up hard-won agreements around the world, and in the process has torn apart hard-won trust amongst nations and peace keeping institutions. Trade tariffs and economic sanctions are his foreign policy weapons of choice. The US has imposed a thousand sanctions against foreign entities, a new record.  His money wars are being waged across large parts of the world, from Canada, Mexico and Venezuela in the Americas and Europe to Russia and China. Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam were added to US watchlist for currency manipulation for no other reason than having large trade surpluses with the US. There are thirty nations including Cuba, Syria, Iran, and Venezuela that continue to be disadvantaged from US trade sanctions. Most debilitating is the withholding of medicines to the sick and poor. Today, he threatens Iran with “obliteration” after Tehran described him as mentally retarded. I think the correct word is mad.

E. Jean Carroll, she is the 22nd woman, a journalist, a famous writer. Unlike some of Trump’s earlier accusers, Carroll cannot be accused of going after fame and/or money in coming out. She already has both. She is the 22nd woman to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct, ie harassment, assault or rape. 22 is a staggering number, it is not a typo, the error is Trump. He’s the mistake that the world should quickly erase from the history books. Counting to twenty two takes some time. If proven to be a sexual predator, the urghhling should do time, maybe twenty two years?

Carroll’s story isn’t new, maybe that’s why it failed to make the news headlines. But, the staggering number is new. It is a number I can’t yet get my head around. Twenty two. That is a lot of brave women who dared to fight the system and the immense power of the President of the United States, surely the most powerful man in the world. What is also staggering is America’s attention deficit disorder or is it media fatigue to Trump’s misdeeds? The whole American population is just not interested in the abhorrent behaviour of their President. Or has the sheer invincibility of Trump sheared their resolve to fight his lies, misogyny and warmongering?  Or, shall we call it the Trump Paradox? The more he is accused, the less is reported, and therefore the more he gets away with it. Carroll has hardly caused a ripple, it’s not as if she has cast the first stone. Hers is the 22nd, where is the multiplier effect? Especially after the urghhling’s many disgusting comments and boasts e.g. that he could have “nailed” Princess Diana, or that he would have dated Ivanka Trump, “my voluptuous Ivanka”, if she isn’t his daughter, and his misogynistic bravado which was caught on tape.

I moved on her like a bitch.

Grab ’em by the pussy.

When you’re a star, they let you do it.

The urghhling simply disparages his accusers. Calling them ugly and not his type is enough defence for him.


The 22nd Woman

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