Motive, Give To Receive

All the major religions have the same theme. We reap what we sow. This message has been drummed into us. The motive to give is so we can receive in return, hopefully with interest.

The concept of Karma is well understood, originating from Buddhist teachings. Our intentional actions chain us to Samsara, a cycle of never ending rebirths and therefore suffering. Good moral intentions lead to good rebirths. We have to do good to receive good. To free ourselves of Samsara, the Buddhist eightfold path shows us a way out of this otherwise eternal damnation.

In The Upanishad Vol 2, Hinduism teaches us this: And as is desire so is his will. And as is his will, so is his deed. Whatever deed he does, that he will reap.

In Judaism, Job 4:8 They that plow iniquity and sow wickedness, reap the same.

In the Bible, Galatians 6:7 For whatever a man sows, he shall reap. The one who sows to please God, from God will reap eternal life. If you give, you shall receive back even more.

In the Qu’ran, Yusuf Ali Surah 2: they shall reap the fruit of what they did.

Why did all the deities and prophets in the history of mankind reach the same conclusion, that urghhlings require a reward before they will intentionally act for the good of others? That we must be be promised a negotiated settlement first or reap a personal benefit before we heap good actions on another? We reap what we sow. But, is that a universal teaching? Or could it be that this is the ugly nature of the urghhling, well recognised and accepted by all deities and their wisemen? I suppose the question I ask is this; is it God’s law or is it God accepting it is Nature’s law that we need to be incentivised to do good? The Law of the Jungle dictates that only the fittest survive and thrive. Is it true that this vital genetic code is embedded in us, the selfish gene is the unfortunate burden we must carry? For without it, we shall “perish”? Maybe the enlightened Buddha figured it out 2,600 years ago, to escape Samsara is to perish? After all, isn’t that Nirvana? Life is suffering. To reach nirvana in order to end suffering, we need to end the selfish gene. It is the selfish gene that creates the desires in our minds which causes suffering. The bases of desires are greed – excessive desires, delusions and aversions. Contentment and complacency are not compatible with the Theory of Evolution. It is desires and our drive to satisfy our desires that promote our survival and reproduction. It is also the same insatiable appetite for more desires that cause us pain and suffering. That is the problem with lust or greed. They are not evolved to deliver us happiness, contentment and peace. They do not ennoble us and make us wiser. We have to adopt the right mindset and intentions to free ourselves of desires. Live out the right intentions with the right effort, right speech and right mental focus – mindfulness and concentration. That is The Eightfold Path. So, can we urghhlings give, without any selfish motive? Expunge the selfish gene.


The grim Reaper

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