Muelsing Isn’t Amusing

The wool of a sheep around its bum has the tendency to retain faecal matter and urine thereby attracting flies. To prevent parasites from infecting their flock, Australian farmers practise muelsing, the controversial removal of wool-bearing skin of the sheep around its buttock. I’ve been mulling why nature doesn’t protect the sheep naturally from flystrike. Why does it require the intervention of urghhlings to exact such agony on the sheep in order to protect them? It’s deplorable that we take advantage of animals, make them work, and yet torture them instead of appreciating their sacrifices in serving our needs.

Mulling over Mueller’s report on Trump would also be a rather alarming task. Forensic psychiatrists at Yale University, some of whom represent the World Mental Health Coalition, assessed Trump’s mental capacity from the 448 page report and concluded that President Trump failed every criterion for rational and reality-based decision making capacity. Their strong recommendation is to remove Trump from war making powers especially his easy access to nuclear weapons. His recent mental instability, recklessness and impulsive decision to attack Iranian assets almost sent America to the brink of war with Iran. That was immensely frightening to the world and should serve as an urgent wake up alarm for everyone.

Perhaps the solution is muelsing, not of animals but of the madman in the White House. Now, that’s not an amusing thought. Or, is it? Urghhlings, please avoid history from repeating, do not allow one madman the access and authority to destroy global peace and jeopardise the lives of millions of people.

Muelsing Isn’t Amusing

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