It’s Bizarre About Bob Lazar

Conspiracy theories, I love them. To me, they are as interesting as the J-curve and the inverted yield curve. Despite the WTO clearing China of currency manipulation, Trump repeatedly accuses the CCP of wilfully depreciating the yuan. It’s about the J-curve, in the immediate short term, a devalued yuan would mean a shrinking Chinese economy as imported goods become more expensive, but it won’t be long before it delivers a boom to China’s exports, boosting her GDP. When the long term bond yield is lower than the short term bond yield, the yield curve is inverted. What does it mean to have an inverted yield curve?  Inflation expectations for a number of years into the future are lower than today’s and that can only mean a slowing, and therefore contracting, global economy. Since the 2008 global financial crisis, China’s debt instruments have quadrupled to $39 trillion, or twice that of the US. Historically, the inversion of the yield curve predicts accurately the economic recession that follows it, the imploding sharemarket will end the bull run. The yield curve has inverted and we should sell our shares, this is not a conspiracy theory unlike the stories about who shot JFK, the fake moon landing fifty years ago, the 911 attacks being a CIA job or Bob Lazar’s Area 51 stories about little aliens and their saucers.

Some say the assassination of JFK is “the mother of all conspiracies”. Oswald shot Kennedy and Ruby shot Oswald. Case closed, clear-cut, except we do not know if Ruby was killed three years later. Except for the 103 witnesses who “conveniently” died, and the tampering of evidence, even JFK’s body was highjacked from the hospital. Seven eyewitnesses saw smoke in the grassy knoll? Ignore that. Over 1100 documents withheld by the CIA due to “national security” concerns. Douglas Horne, the chief analyst for military records was 90-95% certain the photos in the National Archives are not those of JFK’s brain, they showed an exit wound in the front, consistent with the official verdict that Oswald shot the back of JFK’s head after the motorcade had passed him. JFK’s real brain revealed much greater damage to the rear, consistent with an exit wound and thus evidence of a shot from the front. So, the magic about the “single bullet” still evokes much discussion, how it went through JFK’s skull and throat, passed the governor’s back and wrist, broke two bones, and tore through 15 layers of clothing, and if we were to believe the official photos, somehow change its trajectory to hit JFK’s skull from the front.

As for the moon landing by Apollo 11 fifty years ago, the conspiracy is no more! There is no need to debunk the lack of stars in the perfectly taken photos from cameras hung from the astronauts’ necks, or the lack of blast craters below the landing module or even the inconsistent shadows from the astronauts and their equipment, hinting at various light sources on the moon. NASA finally produced photos of the landing site taken from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter on 5 November 2011. Unfortunately, there is no photo of the fluttering US flag. The official word is that it was conveniently knocked down by the dust kicked up by exhaust thrust of the lunar module, and is now buried in the lunar dirt. If NASA can photoshop the tracks left by Armstrong, why did they not add the flag to quell further debate?

And then there are the 911 BIG LIES. Jet fuel cannot melt steel, certainly not in a short 56 minutes for the South Tower. Expert witnesses argued convincingly in a Youtube video that even if the steel melted, it would not cause the Twin Towers to collapse in free-fall within 9 seconds. There was simply too much concrete, steel, and other building materials to prevent a free-fall. Besides, there were too many testimonies from witnesses in the building describing the pop-pop sounds of controlled detonations and debris flying off the lower levels, before the buildings collapsed. The Pentagon on the other hand, suffered very minor damage when flight AAL77 hit its wall. Out of the 85 video surveillance cameras on the grounds outside the Pentagon, none managed to capture any image of the aeroplane as it flew over the ground of the Pentagon before impact. Footage showed hardly any wreckage of the plane, and nothing of the passengers’ belongings, no toys, no cabin bags, no toiletries, zilch. The FBI didn’t give any reason why all the footages were confiscated. Just hide them from public view and maintain silence. No cover up, ahem. The hole in the wall was tiny also, far too small to have been caused by the wide wingspan of the commercial airline. That’s a big hole in that story.

Finally, I get to write about Bob Lazar. In the 1950’s, we learned about Roswell, little green men and Area 51. It wasn’t until 2013 that the CIA confirmed the existence and purpose of Area 51, its secrets so tightly held it must be in the national interest to not disclose it to the public for 58 years. Lazar spilled the beans in May 1989 that nine saucers of extraterrestrial origin were being test flown and analysed in Area 51. He knew about S4 in Area 51 when S4 wasn’t common knowledge, because he worked there. He told us about a guy by the odd name of Mike Thigpen who worked for EG&G, a little-known federal agency that recruited people for S4. It took a journalist 30 years to finally find Mike Thigpen who admitted he interviewed Lazar in the 80’s. He told us about the hand scanner that measures the length of our bones decades before its existence was confirmed as a high security device for entry into S4. His job was to reverse engineer the power and propulsion system of the saucer, a system that emits and amplifies gravity into a wave with an antimatter reactor, fuelled by atomic element 115 which didn’t exist in our world until synthesised by a joint team of Russian and American scientists in August 2003. He spoke out against the suppression of extremely supreme advanced technology and unknown science. That it is a crime not to tell humanity about another civilisation that is (more) intelligent and that we have some of their artefacts. The code name was LA 1000 for E115, somewhat copper in colour. It takes a thin three dimensional triangle of E115 to make fuel for the saucers. It’s quite bizarre, fuel without heat and flames? A cylinder of E115 consisting of many discs stacked up and fused together is machined into a 3D cone from which layers of odd pieces are sliced to make the extra gravitational energy. They do not believe Lazar, they even deny employing him in S4. But at least the world now has E115.

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