Futility Without Utility

Göbekli Tepe, in Sanliurfa, Turkey was built around 9,500 BCE. This period is classified as the Pre-Pottery Neolithic time, i.e. so ancient that pots were not in use then. Back then humans did not have the knowledge to make pots, yet they showed us the skills and technology they possessed to build these megaliths. They are the oldest known structures built on Earth. As we understand from the Bible, the Universe was created only 6,000 years ago. So, how do we explain that Göbekli Tepe can be twice the age of God’s awesome creation? Either the scribes got it wrong in the Bible or the carbon dating technique used today is seriously flawed. These megaliths are quite humble compared to the Carnac, Egypt’s pyramids and both the English and Armenian Stonehenges. Buried in desert sand are twenty circles of stone pillars no more than ten meters wide. The height of some of the tallest pillars are about seven meters, not monstrous, but weighing about fifty tons each. What sets them apart from the rest is the age – some four thousand years older than the next oldest discovery of such magnitude – and the intricate carvings of birds, insects and animals including that of a life size human. These megalithic feats are “pre-civilisation” yet today, we still do not know how to move, cut, mould, lift and place such massive rocks over one another so precisely that not even a sheet of paper can slip in between two rocks.

Hunter gatherers roamed the world when these were built?

Carahunge, the Armenian Stonehenge is situated near the town of Sisian. In total, there are 223 stones from 0.5 to 3 meters high and weighing up to 10 tons each. Carahunge or Speaking Stones got its name from the whistling sounds that the stones make on windy days, because of holes bored through the vertical stones at varying angles. Due to the continued tilting of the Earth’s axis since the Big Bang, modern science cannot ascertain as fact that holes and the stones were instruments used in an ancient astronomical observatory. It is possible that during the Middle Bronze Age, these stones were placed to observe specific planets or constellations such as the Cygnus, as some scientists suspect.

7,000 year old telescope?
When were the holes bored?

The Carnac stones from the Neolithic period around 4,500 BCE to 3,300 BCE are the largest collection of megalithic stones in the world. Like the Great Wall of China, they are visible from high up in the sky. Ding! Ding! Is that a hint of why they were built? Six thousand years ago, humans could not fly. Were they meant to guide extra-terrestrials to land from the sky? The alignments of some 3,000 monoliths weighing between 20 to 350 tons each, amounted to a massive effort for the pre-Celtic people of Brittany in France. Some of the alignments accurately display the Pythagorean Theorem, thousands of years before Pythagoras discovered it. Why would humans bother with such a massive expense of energy and time so long ago?

Alignment of stones, each weighing up to 350 tons, some 6,000 years ago

Göbekli Tepe is almost 12,000 years old. There was no known civilisation then. How did the ancients have the knowledge and tools to cut huge pillars from rocks and then bother with carving elaborate images on the pillars? Why did they bother to leave such irrefutable evidence of not merely their existence but also their intelligence and knowledge that has since been lost? It would be wasteful to engage in such futility of effort if there was no derived benefit from investing in these mega projects during pre-historic times. To leave in perpetuity evidence of one’s prowess, scientific and architectural knowledge, artistry and craftsmanship in no uncertain terms is a likely purpose of these megaliths. Yet, these man-made creations are relatively unknown today, even with the internet and digital social media to help disperse the information about them.

Compare all the megaliths with the two Stone Tablets that the Ten Commandments were inscribed on. The first tablet, written by the finger of God, was smashed by Moses when he was enraged by the children of Israel worshipping a golden calf. The second was cut by Moses and rewritten by God. The Ten Commandments form the basis of Judaism and Christianity. Apparently stored in the Ark of the Covenant, both stones and Ark have never been found. According to Exodus 25:10-22, the size of the Ark or sacred chest is 45 inches long, 27 inches wide and 27 inches high. Compared to the megaliths, the Stone Tablets are minuscule in size yet almost everyone would be aware of the Ten Commandments. Choosing to write God’s rules on two small pieces of stone is not what an intelligent being would do to demonstrate irrefutable evidence of their existence or truth to people many thousands of years in the future. It seems clear to me the builders of the megaliths got it wrong. Stone tablets that cannot be found are more effective to spread the message than mega structures that can be seen from the sky for eternity. The futility, without utility.

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