Be Straight, It’s A Self-Portrait

Anne Koh's self-portraits depict 
A story about a pandemic
The virus causes much panic
Millions suffer, it wasn't just economic
The loss of lives, the most tragic.

Wear your mask, be proper
Wash your hands, the new order
Social distance, protect the elder
No hand-shakes, no kisses, don't wander
It's the MCO, Movement Control Order

They have a name for it, COVID-19
SARS-CoV-2, the virus found in 2019
They say it's from China, have you not seen?
From a Wuhan lab, a bat or a pangolin
Quarantine, quarantine, where have you been?
Some call it the Wuhan virus, the Kung-flu virus
They use politics to divide China and us
Pay up China, it's your Coronavirus
Where is your abacus, it's not contentious
Their claims are atrocious, devious and outrageous
I do wonder what the future will hold
There is much unknown but let's be bold
Look after each other, are we callous and cold?
Follow the science and together let's grow old
Will we want our Covid stories retold?
Covid apps, lockdowns and contact-tracing
No more footy, concerts and social dancing
Forget hugging, friendly greetings and embracing
Refrain from public coughing, sneezing and rejoicing
Many are convalescing or desperately refinancing
Yet, heroes of civil rights are out there protesting
Their bloodletting and complaints most excruciating
Pity those whose landlords are evicting
Shopping mall owners aren't accommodating
Will a vaccine soon end the pandemic’s sting?
It is no big task to wear a mask
A smile beckons. She is safe, she reckons

One thought on “Be Straight, It’s A Self-Portrait

  1. What’s there that’s not been told
    Of a toxic virus, small yet bold
    Of countless lives left dead and cold
    Of devastated communities that no longer can hold
    Of hollow investments that are good only in gold
    Of worthless stocks that can’t be sold
    Of strained businesses that eventually fold

    Yet in the face of adversity
    There is still a sense of victory
    For the masks that are worn will not hide
    The steely determination of the human kind

    Yes, be straight
    Anne Koh’s self portrait does have this trait

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