Happy Wife Happy Life

A friend showed us a photo of him and his young bride. It attracted many positive comments. He looked compatible with his beautiful wife, as attractive as Adonis and Artemis. Amazingly, he is still able to fit into his cadet shirt from 40 odd years ago. What a remarkable achievement! I imagine I can’t even squeeze into my old pants from 10 years ago, let alone zip it up. He proudly chirped…. Happy Wife Happy Life.

Wow. There goes that saying again. Men can only find happiness by pleasing their wives, make them happy! What does that say about men? And perhaps more importantly, what does that say about their wives?! What happened to the idea of Unconditional Love?

It all started in the beginning….. of course! When the serpent sweet talked Eve to bite the sweet apple, why did Adam not confront her? Why did he stand and watch silently? No argument, no attempt to dissuade her? He stood by her, and made her happy. Wife, you want the apple, yes, you can have it. Here, let me pluck it for you. Let me rub it clean before you take that first bite. Yes, I will keep you happy. Urghhling, what a price we earthlings have to pay ever since! (Genesis 3:1)

Happy wife, happy life. I refuse to accept this. I refuse to accept The Mrs’s love is conditional upon me providing her with happiness first. If she is not happy, my life will be miserable? I might as well leave my fate in her hands. I might as well let my mood be manipulated by her mood swings. Is that really happiness? It can’t be right? It’s a barter system. I will give you whatever it takes to make you happy, so that I can be happy too.

Nah, The Mrs is better than that! She does not barter with me. She will let me be happy even if she is unhappy! Yaaaayy!

Seriously, for me, I would say Happy Life, Happy Wife. We can’t spread happiness unless we have happiness within.

Happily cleaning the lounge

One thought on “Happy Wife Happy Life

  1. Happy Wife, Happy Life ……… an expression that belies the complexities of couple relationship. Beneath it lies the plethora of giving and receiving, accepting and rejecting, and loving and hating. But more importantly, through all these interactions, there is love that binds the relationship to keep a couple together.

    Simply put, when one gives generously, one will also receive in abundance resulting in a harmonious and loving union….. Happy Life


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