Life Is Too Short

This phrase gathers momentum in this phase of my life. In my forties, I may have heard it once or twice. Now, it resonates loudly almost weekly.

On my 60th birthday, a party guest said to me. Life is too short, time you stop working and go smell the roses.

Today, a friend sent us a message. Life is too short to argue and fight. Count your blessings and value your friends. Walk with your head held high and smile while you have teeth.

Whenever someone says Life is too short, they will follow it with some advice, to do something else, anything but what you’re doing.

Life is too short. Do Intermittent Fasting and buy yourself some nice clothes. Why fast, you’re so skinny!

Life is too short, why don’t you read the Bible. The Holy Spirit will guide you. No, read the Precepts of Buddhism!

Life is short, stop dreaming your life away. Life is short, time to follow your dreams.

Do this do that, do something else, but don’t do what you’re doing now.

They mean well I suppose. They must think I am wasting my life away. They have a better appreciation of life, they think they know what’s more important for me.

Life is short. Don’t worry, be happy. Be grateful. Be generous, think happy things. Be yourself.

What does it mean? They think I’m not happy? I’m ungrateful? I’m a Scrooge? I’m being someone else? Urghhlings, life is short. Don’t make mine shorter. Leave me alone!

Life is too short. I would say find work that you really enjoy. The luxury of vocation, the opportunity to follow our dreams, as my son said, is the legacy of our ancestors’ toil and sacrifice.

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