White Bread For The White Bred

Grafton, NSW. A town with less than 20,000, some 600 km NNE of Sydney is famous for its Jacaranda trees and country music singers. A claim to fame made infamous now by one of their white sons, the lone killer in what is now known as the Christchurch Massacre. I shall call him The Loner, will not grace him with his name. According to a recent article about him in the Sydney Morning Herald, those around him in his formative years described him as just a harmless, quiet boy who was more comfortable playing by himself in the park. A little odd and shy too. I could easily fit that description too. He didn’t elicit any dislike for non-whites publicly or privately, he wasn’t a back-stabber. White-bred doesn’t mean his upbringing was necessarily filled with white supremacist teachings. He wasn’t taught hatred, no homegrown anti Muslim ideology to make someone turn evil. He was such a dear little boy, his Nanna said.

But, The Loner grew up to be evil, a lone killer of 51 believers of Islam, and let us not forget to remember the 49 wounded. Is a white town like Grafton complicit in their horror, and deaths? I think we can shrink the geography much more, and pinpoint his bedroom as the oven of his evil. There with his computer and internet connection, was where he mixed the seeds of far right extremism from hate sites like 4chan and 8chan, with the dough he inherited from his dad, who died of mesothelioma after years of chucking building scraps (asbestos) onto his truck.

4chan and 8chan. They sound Asian, don’t they? Ironically, they are the melting pots for white neo-Nazis and modern day white KKKs and skinheads to foment their vile hatred against all that don’t look like them. The chans are online forums created by young New Yorkers where testosterone charged young blokes share and encourage racist and misogynistic views, which eventually hardened into child pornography and hard-lined neo-Nazi propaganda. Their posts are anonymous and they vanish after a short time, leaving no trace except in the emboldened minds and attitudes of their readers. They spilled over to the rest of the Internet after amassing social media power through their ability to mass hack and troll any one or institution that they detest, especially those guilty of political correctness.

“These guys, these rootless white males, had monster power…..You can activate that army…..get (them) turned on to politics and Trump.” Quote from Steve Bannon, election campaign chief for Trump who later became White House strategist. He was one of the early ones to recognise the power of this online mob. Who will say he did not harness that power?

A new wave of extremism coincided with the wave of “illegal” Muslim migrants who swamped Europe in recent years. These refugees were economic migrants seeking greener pastures and asylum seekers fleeing their war-torn countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. The sheer numbers that crossed The Mediterranean Sea to Italy and Spain were a worrying sight for all of Europe, its peak was 1.8 million in 2015. This gave birth to the Identitarians, those who believe Europe is under attack by Muslims who seek to displace them in their traditional white lands via “outbreeding” the locals and mass immigration.

The vile and vitriolic online world he was visiting converged with his real-life travels to countries that experienced bitter wars between the white populace and Muslim “transgressors”. In his manifesto, The Loner wrote that the “invasion” of France by “non-whites” espoused online had been “profoundly understated”. Whilst leaving a French town, his emotions were “swinging between fuming rage and suffocating despair”.

The Loner should spend the rest of his life in a prison cell, preferably served nothing but white bread. Why, white bread?

Before the Agricultural Revolution, humans never died of obesity. And then we discovered white bread. Highly-processed carbohydrates are digested quickly, without providing us with much nutrients except a quick surge of energy. They cause blood sugar to spike soon after eating, and, because they lack fiber, The Loner will not feel full. He will crave more food again soon after, especially when the blood sugar drops. In a prison cell, The Loner will not have much freedom to exercise, inevitably the white bread he consumes will lead to weight gain, chronic diabetes and heart diseases. Feed white bread to the white bred. Urghhling.

The first bread I baked

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